Support Coordination

We at Horizon Access Care help you make the best out of your NDIS plan through our support coordination services. This service includes helping you navigate through your NDIS plan, understanding all that NDIS offers in order to use them best to fulfil your long-term and short-term goals and coordinating your supports to ensure that everything proceeds in the right manner while maximising your wellbeing.

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NDIS offers a lot to all its participants and understanding it all and reaping the benefits of it all is the prerequisite to making the best out of your NDIS plan. And this is where our support workers come to your aid. They have proper knowledge regarding everything that NDIS covers and they will coordinate with you, your friends and your family to understand your needs and come up with a plan that best works for you. From the moment you choose us as your NDIS provider to throughout your NDIS journey, this support would last and ensure your growth and wellbeing at each step.

Our support coordination service includes:

  • Help you avail of every support that will ensure your overall wellbeing.
  • Ensure that you never miss out on a service that promotes your growth.
  • Help you develop skills that will help you manage your NDIS plan on your own like basic budget management skills.
  • Offer special support coordination for complex care and ensure that at no time does one suffers in the unavailability of a service or funds.
  • Help you be in control of your NDIS plan so that you can lead an independent life.

To know more about our support coordination service, get in touch with us today.

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