Daily Life Supports

Horizon Access Care assist-section-travel
Assisted Travel / Transport

We know that to ensure that you get through each day of yours while fulfilling all your everyday activities you might have to travel to different locations

Daily Life Supports - Daily Life Supports - House
Household task

One of the key services that we provide to ensure your overall wellbeing and to ensure for you a safe existence is assistance with household tasks

Daily Life Supports - personal
Assistance with Personal Activities

It’s while fulfilling their everyday personal activities that one secures a comfortable and quality existence for themselves.

Daily Life Supports - community
Community Participation

NDIS is not just meant to offer you care and safety but also to help you fulfil all the goals that you have set for yourself while growing as an individual and a social being.

Daily Life Supports - life-stage-new
Assistance with Life Stage-Transition

Our life is never constant, it involves a lot of transitions and it’s while navigating through these changes that one secures a growth-oriented life for themselves.

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