Assistance with Life Stage-Transition

Our life is never constant, it involves a lot of transitions and it’s while navigating through these changes that one secures a growth-oriented life for themselves. But navigating through it all could be a tough task indeed and more so when you have to do it on your own without anyone’s support or care. But you don’t have to worry about this and refrain from making the needful changes in your life because our support workers would be there to guide and assist you with it all.

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From helping you find new accommodation, making choices regarding your higher education or helping you move from one job to another, whatever is that transition that awaits you, we will assist you with it all. As a registered NDIS provider, your safety, growth and overall wellbeing is our priority and we ensure it all by helping you make a smooth transition directed towards leading a better life.

This service includes but is not limited to helping you:

  • Find permanent or temporary accommodation.
  • Deal with all the changes on the work front.
  • Plan for the changes that lie ahead.
  • Acquire the needful resources.
  • Develop life skills that will help you fulfil your goals.

Our assistance with life stage service is about a lot more than just this, to know more about this service, get in touch with us today.

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