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Holistic Disability Support Services for Independent Living

At Horizon Access Care, we have a proactive approach toward developing a holistic disability support service plan that focuses on helping you achieve your goals. Our team is committed to helping our recipients lead independent lives in a comfortable and safe environment.

Our Goals

At Horizon Access Care, we strive to provide support and care suited to the individual needs of every recipient. We focus on understanding your developmental goals and changing requirements.

It enables us to design personalised support plans to help you achieve them.
We aim to work with you to create a holistic growing environment to support independent living. And hence, we provide personalised goal-focused disability services for NDIS participants in Melbourne.

Connect with us to learn more about how our services can help you or your loved ones.

Our Services

We ensure that you can lead the life you want independently. We understand that the individual requirements are different for all our clients. Our experts have the training and experience to develop their support services based on the needs of each individual.

Listed below are the services we provide at Horizon Access Care.


Life-Skills Development

At Horizon Access Care, we believe developing fundamental life skills is the first step toward leading an independent life. And hence, we help you develop these skills through holistic learning.


Community Participation

We ensure that as a part of your disability support service plan, our experts help you integrate with the community through active participation & meaningful contributions.


Travel/Transport Assistance

Travelling from one place to another on your own is a significant part of ensuring an independent lifestyle. Therefore, as a part of our support and care services, our experts will assist you with your commuting and travelling needs.


Assistance with Personal Activities

We understand our clients might require assistance while carrying out basic personal activities. Our team has the qualifications and experience necessary to assist them with these tasks safely and comfortably.


Household Tasks

Depending on your personal needs and requirements, we offer all our clients short-term and long-term assistance with their household tasks that enable them to lead comfortable and independent lives.


Shared Living/Daily Tasks

Our team also assists clients with various daily tasks efficiently to ensure they can continue living independently without hassle.

How We Can Help You

Horizon Access Care is one of the leading disability service providers in and around Melbourne. And we have built our reputation by delivering our clients highly personalised plans based on their needs and requirements.

We believe that you should be able to choose the lifestyle you want to lead. And as your trusted disability service provider in Melbourne, we help you make it possible. Here is how we help you lead a more independent lifestyle the way you want.

We work with you closely to develop a plan that suits your personal and developmental goals.
All our support workers are highly qualified and experienced. And they are trained to mould their services according to the needs of their recipients.
We provide prompt and efficient assistance at all times so you can continue with your daily life hassle-free.

Trusted Disability Services in Melbourne

Horizon Acess Care is a dedicated disability support agency in Melbourne. We provide our clients with the care and support they require to lead a holistic life and help them achieve their personal and developmental goals.

Our Pricing Structure

We are an NDIS-registered disability support agency in Melbourne. And hence the prices for our services conform with the NDIS guidelines. Our pricing structure includes all components and elements of the services provided.

We always recommend you check the NDIS price guide, as the guidelines get updated after regular intervals. You must continue accessing them from time to time to stay updated about the latest changes.

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