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Horizon Access Care is one of Melbourne’s most trusted and reliable NDIS service providers. If you or your loved one has a physical, intellectual, sensory, or motor disability, our experts will provide paramount care and support to ensure your well-being and help you lead a more enriched and independent life.

We are NDIS-registered providers, and we help you set and achieve all your goals. Our team of professionals is highly qualified and friendly. And they will provide you with the necessary assistance from the comfort of your home.

NDIS Providers - Horizon Access Care

As registered providers, we strictly abide by the standards mentioned inthe NDIS guidelines. Connect with us to discuss your NDIS plan and the services we offer.

Our NDIS Services

At Horizon Access Care, our team is committed to providing all-around holistic care for our clients to ensure they can continue performing their daily activities with minimal disruption.

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Daily Life Support

Our NDIS daily life support service is meant to help you go out there into the world and build meaningful relationships. Under this support service our NDIS support workers in Melbourne will assist you with your everyday transportation needs and help you engage in community activities of your choice without safety ever being a concern.

Support Coordination

When you opt for this service, our NDIS support workers help you make the most of your NDIS plan and budget.

Allied Health Therapies

Are you ready to take charge of your life, learn new skills, and improve your health and well-being? At Horizon Access Care, our Allied Health Therapists are here to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s improving your health, enhancing your quality of life, or mastering new skills.

Support Coordination

When you opt for this service, our experts help you make the most of your NDIS plan and budget.

What is the NDIS Plan?

Your NDIS plan is a written agreement worked out, especially for you. This plan is different for every participant and designed to meet their unique requirements. Your NDIS plan can be self-managed or managed by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency). You can also opt for a dedicated plan manager to help you manage your plan and NDIS funds.

After you qualify for the NDIS, you’ll receive an “access decision” letter. Once you have received this letter, you will be able to draft your NDIS plan and start using your NDIS funds for a more independent lifestyle.

Don’t Have an NDIS Plan?

If you do not have an NDIS plan, Horizon access care as one of the ndis service providers in Melbourne can help you prepare your plan. Our registration with the NDIS enables us to offer our clients plan management services.

Here are some simple steps to help you with a plan preparation after you have received your “access decision” letter following your qualification for the scheme.

  • Step 1: Your plan planner will ask you questions about how you are doing in the different areas of your life, the kind of assistance you want and the goals you want to achieve. It helps us develop a plan that is uniquely suited to your needs.
  • Step 2: Once we have finalised your plan, we will help you figure out the different types of budgets and get started on the “myspace” portal.
  • Step 3: Your plan planner will constantly reassess your progress and help you modify your plans according to your changing requirements.

As a trusted registered NDIS provider in Victoria, we offer highly personalised plan management and support coordination services to our participants. So, connect with us to learn how you can make the most of your NDIS grants.

Why Trust NDIS Registered Providers?

An NDIS service provider is an organisation or individual that delivers any support, service or product to NDIS participants. NDIS providers such as Horizon Access Care have qualified government audits and inspections to become registered under the NDIS Act.

If you ask us, our NDIS support workers will state that there are certain perks of working with NDIS-registered providers.


Quality Services Guaranteed

As a registered provider, we ensure that all our services meet the standards specified in the NDIS guidelines. Moreover, our team of NDIS support workers in Melbourne are constantly training and upskilling to stay updated about the latest regulations specified.

Standardised Pricing Structure

All our services are priced as per the NDIS price guide. We always recommend our clients keep constant checks on the NDIS price guidelines for the updated prices of all our services. Connect with us for comprehensive and affordable NDIS services in Melbourne.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Our NDIS support workers in Melbourne combine therapy with your day-to-day activities throughout the different stages of your rehabilitation process. It helps ensure that your transition from hospital to daily life is smooth and gradual.

Plan Management

As registered providers, we are also eligible to help our clients figure out how to manage their NDIS funds for maximum benefits. When you work with us, our NDIS support providers in Melbourne work with you to create a support plan addressing your needs and help you make the most out of your NDIS journey.
NDIS Providers - Horizon Access Care

Find Reliable NDIS Providers in Melbourne

Horizon Access Care is a highly reliable and registered NDIS service provider in Melbourne. We offer our clients the best quality disability support services, enabling them to lead a more autonomous life while achieving their developmental goals. Connect with us to learn more about our  NDIS services in Victoria and find the best quality care for you or your loved ones at standardised prices.

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